Too much space. Not enough books.

We believe in books. In adventures and magic. In getting drunk off the written word.

Do you?

Welcome to Grey Sun Press

Too much space. Not enough books. What does that mean? To us, it means that there is an entire world of books out there, waiting to be read and waiting to be written. Enough to last a lifetime and then some. You can never have enough books. Let's fill the space.

Grey Sun Press is a small-press publisher located in Seattle, WA. We are devoted to publishing intelligent fiction. Launched in 2012, we continue to develop memorable characters and discover new worlds through exciting authors. Most of our authors are local as we believe in supporting local talent.
Our name, Grey Sun Press, pays tribute to the overcast days in our wonderful city, as seen in the image to the left. (Seattle isn’t always foggy and overcast, but it bears a certain beauty when it is.)
We publish stories that make readers think and question. As a general rule, we prefer science fiction and fantasy, though we’ve been known to pick up a book in a different genre. We’re fairly eccentric, a trait we wish we’d see in more publishers. We like different. We think different. (We also like frogs.)

They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same.

Kurt Cobain