About Us

Grey Sun Press is a microscopic press located in the Pacific Northwest co-run by two editors who love stories with a purpose. When we say we like stories that are uniquely different, we mean it. We love to read stories that flip not just tropes on their heads but flip everything. We don’t want to read about the same, old young boy who’s sent by the old wizard to go save the princess. Give us the nonbinary centaur who rides out of their own volition to teach a horse-riding workshop to orcs. Well, maybe not that, but give us different. When we say purpose, we want to read stories that have us scratching our heads and questioning the meaning of life, or at least the meaning behind the cat hiding in the story’s background. We’re picky about what we read and even pickier about what we publish. Being a small press means we can be choosy, but it also means that we’re 1000% behind everything we publish. We only share what we love.

We like different. We think different.

Launched in 2012, we continue to develop memorable characters and discover new worlds through exciting authors. Most of our authors are PNW local as we believe in supporting local talent. Our name, Grey Sun Press, pays tribute to the overcast days in our wonderful city. Seattle isn’t always foggy and overcast, but it bears a certain beauty when it is.

Our Staff

Editor Laurel Wolfe

Laurel Wolfe

Publisher, Editor, & All Things PR

Laurel Wolfe (she/her) loves shaping stories into their truth. She also enjoys marketing much more than Raven, so she handles the PR side of the publishing house. When she’s not busy running GSP, she reads a ton of speculative fiction with a preference for post-apocalyptic literature. She loves animals and plants, and if she had the funds, she’d live in the middle of a dark forest with nearby river.

Team Member Raven Oak

Raven Oak

Publisher, Editor, Designer

Raven Oak (she/they) is the other half of Grey Sun Press. Having spent 13 years teaching English and computer classes, she loves the written word and greatly enjoys the editing process. With a background in graphic and web design, she handles a large part of both processes for Grey Sun Press. When she’s not busy running GSP, she reads a little bit of everything but mostly SF/F. She’s a cat person and a huge geeky about a great many things, which is no surprise to those who know her.